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Raise your hand if you like, no wait, love chocolate! If so, then we have a surprise for you. 'Tis the season of spring where the weather is a bit warmer, and the cravings of chocolate begins to build up, especially with all of the Easter candies starting to grace the shelves, and what better way to enjoy Spring 2021 than with our brand new chocolate bar by Gloss, or with our Buddha King Variety, or other goodies that grace our shelves.

One of the best things that we love about our collection of chocolate is the fact that there are a few different selections for everyone's taste buds, while being infused with THC. Do you have a lower tolerance? Buddha King's Original Milk and Dark Chocolate have 250 mg bars, where it has ten squares that can be easily halved or quartered if needed. Buddha King also has 500 mg bars for Original Milk, Dark Chocolate, and even Banana flavored for all of you that love banana flavoring with your chocolate. When it comes to candy bars we have decided to add another type from Gloss, and the milligrams are massive, they are 1200 mg for the entire bar. The only complaint we have regarding this candy bar is that there are no squares to make sure you are getting the appropriate amount that you are looking for, so, to combat this would to be eyeball and cut mini pieces.

Not a fan of candy bars? No problem! We also have brownies and chocolate crispy treats that are 100 milligrams each, and are perfect by themselves, or you can pair them with your favorite ice cream, or even our infused ice cream. Looking for something a little different, we also have chocolate peanut butter cup that you can eat with a spoon, and taffy by Cheeba Chews that tastes out of this world. If you like our Wildfire lollipop selection, then you will love their cocoa caramels, they are the perfect combination that many look for.

* Please keep in mind that each of these do come with allergy warnings such as wheat, milk, chocolate, and peanuts, so if you are wanting to try these out, please note that these are labeled.

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