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Out Of This World: Orion Tablets

There are several people in the United States alone that live with allergens and are unable to smoke weed, or even dab. However, here in the state of Oklahoma one processing company has stepped up to the plate and created something that would be beneficial to everyone. Orion is the name, and they don't come to play any games. Over at Orion they have created two different lines, one for their tablets, and one for Blossom Canna, that uses a mixture of cannabis and mushroom capsules.

The first of its kind, this Native Oklahoma woman-owned company has decided to make a difference in the medicinal dispensary field by creating a tablet that brings aid to those who suffer from pain, sleep issues, and high anxiety among so many more. The best part about these tablets? They are made from full extract cannabis oil, and they DO NOT contain gluten, sugar, or any other allergen products; making these tablets easy to consume. These vegan tablets have a delicious taste that will take you out of this world while it reduces your anxiety and pain.

Over at the Speakeasy we have teamed with Orion to bring these tablets to all of those around us to who are looking for something a little bit different. With that being said we have tablets ranging from 20 mg to 1000 mg.

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