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Flower of the Week: White Queen

As the crisp autumn leaves continue to fall along with the introduction of the cool breeze in the morning, everyone is starting to layer up and grab their favorite hot drink to bring in the cold season that 2020 has already given us. And what better way to stay cozy up on a crisp autumn day than with our flower of the week, White Queen. Cool weather calls for a relaxation state, with layers of blankets, a comedy playing, while snuggling with your furry friends; and with the White Queen you will be able to settle into a relaxing state.

In a poll that surveyed 26 people, 50% stated that they felt relaxed after settling in for the night with this delicious strain. 53% stated that they noticed that the strain eased their minds, reducing their high stress levels, in this same poll it was noted that a whopping 73% stated that they felt euphoric, making this strain to be the best for the autumn and winter season that is now finally here after a rough year.

With the aroma similar to that of hot apple spice tea, the White Queen is best suited for those cool, brisk autumn nights.

* Over at the Speakeasy we strive to have the best medicinal needs, while also educating others on the strains and the progress that has been made. If you wish to learn more about the research poll regarding the White Queen strain, check it out here.

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