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Flower of the Week: Strawberry Blonde

Just like every year before many people have been quoted saying, " new year, new me." However, this year is certainly an unusual one without a doubt, and instead of saying that phrase we have looked at it, dissected it and have developed a brand new perspective on how we are going to take on this new decade. Energies are flying high with many people now finding themselves tiring out less, all the while finding this sudden stamina to take on the rest of the 2020's. When it comes to maintaining that unexpected energy what better way than with our flower of the week, Strawberry Blonde.

Fueled by an enormous amount of energy boosting sensation the Strawberry Blonde strain slowly comes front and center, giving itself its own personality of dominating your own energy while keeping it maintained. While this strain is a hybrid, with being sativa dominant, this strain is well known for having a unique and complex aroma. Notes of fruit are dominant, however, there is something keeping it grounded even more with added pepper and a slight splash of sour apple that brings a bit of tartness.

One of the most unique aspects of this strain is the THC level. Being on the upper level of percentages the Strawberry Blonde comes in at 29.51% for it's THC level, but the kicker is that the terpene levels are at 2.98%.

During a poll research on Leafly around 16 people participated, giving us a deeper insight into the positives and negatives of the strain. 56% stated that they felt extremely energetic, while nearly 37% stated having the ability of focusing on the task at hand. One of the best parts of the poll was the fact that we were able to get an insight of the effects it has on certain aspects of a person's health and well-being. Nearly 70% stated that the strain lowered their stress levels, while another 31% stated that their lack of appetite was *remedied.

Just like every other strains that we showcase at our shop there is always going to have some negative side effect, and it seems that every strain, including Strawberry Blonde, unfortunately deals with dry mouth. And with that the best advice we can give is to stay hydrated, please keep water next to you to combat the side effect.

* Please remember that we are not licensed medical professionals, therefor you should consult with your doctor regarding appetite ailments.

* Over at the Speakeasy we strive to have the best medicinal needs, while also educating others on the strains and the progress that has been made. If you wish to learn more about the research poll regarding the Strawberry Blonde strain, check it out here.

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