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Flower of the Week: San Fernando Valley

Although this holiday season has surely been a strange one it certainly has shown us that this winter is not going to create a lack of opportunities for everyone to enjoy the outdoors, even when it is slightly chilly. With the weather acting this way what better way to enjoy it than with our strain San Fernando Valley, that is actually a child of the Afghani strain.

Up close the San Fernando Valley looks similar to the frost bitten grass on a winter morning, covered with crystals and deep plum notes that make it stand out against the other hybrid strains that grace our shelves. One of the things that makes the strain stand out even more is that even though it is a hybrid it leans more towards the Sativa strain, giving the user a burst of energy as they continue to enjoy it. As the Sativa part of the strain gives you energy, the aroma of the strain ends up taking you back to the west where it originated from. With an undertone of pepper and lemon mixed with earthy tones it is easy to spot that the strain is producing a comforting sensation, while attempting to evoke being in the Redwood Forest that lies deep in the state of California.

Over 500 people participated in a poll search regarding the San Fernando Valley, with 55% stating that they felt elated after smoking the strain. Another 54% participants stated that they felt relaxed, indicating that the strain soothes the soul as you continue to smoke it. In that same study 32% stated that the strain decreased their pain, finally letting them enjoy everything that was going on around them. For those who suffer from chronic pain the San Fernando Valley strain has been shown that it will help reduce the pain greatly. 24% stated that their anxiety and their depression seemed to dwindle as they kept using the strain.

Just like any other strain that we feature at the Speakeasy there is always going to be some negative side effects and the common side effect that seems to be popping up is dry mouth. During this poll 23% stated that they experienced dry mouth, and with that we encourage you to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of fluids.

*We are not professional medicals, therefor if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or any other sort of mental health issues please seek licensed medical advice before taking any strain. There are several licensed physicians who are advocates for marijuana use and can monitor your mental health and how it reacts to any strain that you are interested in.

* Over at the Speakeasy we strive to have the best medicinal needs, while also educating others on the strains and the progress that has been made. If you wish to learn more about the research poll regarding the San Fernando Valley strain, check it out here.

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