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Flower of the Week: Power Plant

Raise your hand if you are tired of the weather going back and forth between cold and warm. Now, raise your hand if you are wanting to get a boost of energy to tackle the coming week. The Power Plant strain is perfect for those who are wanting to get a boost of energy, especially when the sun is out and the weather is lingering around in the 60s and 70s, giving you the chance to finish cleaning out the garage or even enhance your overall mood.

In a poll that 272 people participated in, 58% stated that they felt happier after enjoying the peppery strain. In that same study 48% stated that they felt energetic and felt as though they could take on anything that came their way. 41% stated they were extremely talkative after smoking this strain, giving their personality shine brighter and be able to enjoy conversations with one another. Just like anything else there are some negative side effects, and just like a few of our other flower of the week's the Power Plant has the side effect of dry mouth, in fact, 40% stated in the poll that they experienced dry mouth. To combat dry mouth keep some water by your side.

The coolest part of the Power Plant strain, it is derived from South African sativa strains, giving it that unique earthy aroma. With such a high THC content of 27.77% the aroma of the buds give off that sensation of cooking in the kitchen, and with this strain it is perfect for putting into your favorite cookie recipe.

* Over at the Speakeasy we strive to have the best medicinal needs, while also educating others on the strains and the progress that has been made. If you wish to learn more about the research poll regarding the Power Plant strain, check it out here.

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