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Flower of the Week: Grape Ape

With the weather outside becoming more hectic it is only fitting to have our flower of the week be something on the calmer side. A cross between Skunk, Afghani, and Mendocino Purps, the Grape Ape is bound to make you sink into your couch as the rain and snow begin to take form during this chilly autumn season.

In a poll that surveyed over 1,000 people it was found that 62% stated feeling relaxed after using this unique strain. In that same poll 39% people stated that the Grape Ape helped ease their pain, making them have the ability to finally relax and not deal with any pain related symptoms. For those who deal with insomnia the Grape Ape has been shown that it helps relieve the symptoms that stem from sleep issues, because in that same poll 30% stated that the strain helped with their insomnia.

* Over at the Speakeasy we strive to have the best medicinal needs, while also educating others on the strains and the progress that has been made. If you wish to learn more about the research poll regarding the Grape Ape strain, check it out here.

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